AGRP-AI (I) & (II)

(Advanced Global Research Program-Artificial Intelligence)


Advanced Global Research Program-Artificial Intelligence

Through AGRP-A(I) & AGRP-AI(II) programs, students interact with world-class AI practitioners and build a real-world projects

AGRP-AI (Artificial Intelligence) provides Interdisciplinary artificial intelligence enrichment led by Stanford/MIT/Harvard graduates. Students learn AI languages to socially-impactful AI projects under the guidance of the AI experts from ivy league/top universities. AGRP-AI strives to prepare students of all backgrounds for an AI-powered future through personalized guided learning, critical discussions about the ethical and social implications of AI, and the opportunity to work on socially impactful projects. AGRP-AI program provides intellectual and scientific growth through digital technology learning for our global leaders in a world of rapidly expanding and changing new digital future.

Our program delivers the best personalized learning experience for the digital transformation and the critical interdisciplinary dimension of AI. AGRP-AI Program exposes high school and college students to the fundamentals of artificial intelligence and leads them to build a socially impactful project in areas such as Healthcare, Political Science, Sports, finance, and more. Through AGRP-AI Program, students are globally united and rigorously challenged through exposure to AI concepts and applications as well as building a socially impactful AI project. Artificial intelligence has become an essential tool with the power to transform and to address our society’s growing issues and moving our future in a positive direction. Students will get an opportunity to interact with peers and network with experts who are teaching or working in the AI space. Students are also supported in understanding how they can use this experience for college applications. Socially impactful extracurricular activity is essential to the college application. The global economic impact of AI is expected to reach nearly $16 trillion by 2030. Our students will enter a workforce increasingly powered by AI. As with countless other technological advancements through history, the growing use of AI will lead to the creation of new jobs and disciplines as well. It is said that ignoring artificial intelligence is equivalent to ignoring the internet in the late 20th century or ignoring social media a decade ago. For this reason, every high school student with exposure to AI and ML-Machine Learning principles will have a leg up going into any course of study, career, and beyond. Unfortunately, very few high schools offer their students an AI course. Whether it’s healthcare, public policy, business, science, engineering, law, politics, music, or arts, a foundational understanding of AI technology is definitely crucial. AGRP-AI Program exposes curious students globally to AI through live online classes for our future engineers to artists.

AGRP-AI(I) : Group Research Project

Learn the fundamentals of Python and key concepts in ML-Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence. Build a strong foundation to code and create AI models independently.

Weeks 1 & 2: Build a foundation in Python applied to AI and understand how to execute a data science project.
Weeks 3 to 5: Receive an introduction to key topics in AI-including regression, neural networks, and natural   language processing.
Weeks 6-10: Deep dive into some more complex topics which includes:

– Image classification
– Neural Networks
– Deep Learning
– NLP & Language Processing
– Sentiment Analysis
– Why AI Ethics matter
– Pre-requisites: None
– Student Background: Grades 9-12
– Output: A group project with minimum 5 other students. group session with a  5:1 student to mentor ratio.

  We also give you a chance to explore AI in the fields of academic research and   understand how you can use your AI experiences in your college applications.

AGRP-AI(II) : 1:1 Independent Mentorship Research

Build a creative and unique AI project independently with the support of a mentor over 12-15 weeks and showcase what you’re passionate about.

Week 1-4: Explore & Learn Learn the key concepts in fields you’re curious about, including identifying the question of interest and the required machine learning model.
Week 5-8: Idea & Data Exploration Analyze data and work with your mentor to assess the feasibility of the project and the resources available.
Week 9-15: Execute Work on creating your end project. Use 1-1 time with your mentor to troubleshoot any problems you face with your code and build further on your ideas.

  – Duration: 12-15 weeks, 1-1 sessions with a mentor who is a PhD AI expert or researcher.
  – Pre-requisites: Basic understanding of Python or completion of AGRP-AI is required.
  – Student Background: We accept high school students and advanced middle school students for the program.
  – Output: A novel AI model in a field of your interest, & a personalised mentor evaluation assessing your capabilities.
  – Conducted entirely online.

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AGRP-AI (Advanced Global Research Program-Artificial Intelligence)

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AGRP-AI (Advanced Global Research Program-Artificial Intelligence)