“The ARIP-AI (II) Program opened my eyes to a whole new way of seeing the world. Before this program, I was never really aware of how socially impactful Artificial Intelligence is and how
present it is in our daily lives. Now, I am able to see the full extent of AI and how it continues to change society every day. Being a part of this program also gave me firsthand knowledge and
experience in projects that are actually used in the real world. My project, Planet Hunters, enabled me to learn the process and AI application behind detecting (potentially habitable)
planets, something that greatly impacts science exploration and society in general. ARIP-AI gave me knowledge and experience in fields that I could make a considerable change in lives”.
J. M. (MD) / ARIP-AI (II) Program
“Overall I had a very positive experience coming into the ARIP-AI (I) Program, I basically had no knowledge concerning AI, and I was nervous that I would fall d=behind the other students.
However, that wasn’t the case. The instructors were super attentive and made sure to follow a comfortable pace that fit everyone. I learned a lot not only about coding but also about societal
issues and ethical issues regarding AI, and I thought that was super interesting. I also learned a variety of new concepts such as nearest neighbors and decision trees, which I know I will
definitely use for the future. I feel that I have learned a lot from the two weeks of the first session.
I also had a very positive experience with the second session. The structure was a bit different, but it was also manageable. The instructors were always very attentive and tried their best to
engage and involve everyone. I really enjoyed getting to work on a project for this part of the session because not only did I get to apply everything I learned before, but i got to focus on a
field that I really care about and am interested in (medical field). I was also able to get plenty of college advice from students from some of the top schools in the nation, which I found to be
really helpful. ”.
L. K. (CA) / ARIP-AI (I) Program and ARIP-AI (II) Program
“ARIP-AI (I) Program has been very entertaining and insightful. I have taken an AI lesson before and I am glad to have learnt much more during these 2 weeks.
ARIP-AI (II) is very different from ARIP-AI (I) and this program has been very insightful too. I liked the part where we could choose which specialization of AI we could work on and present
on our findings”.
T. P. (VA) / ARIP-AI (I) Program and ARIP-AI (II) Program
“Through ARIP-AI (I), I was able to gain a variety of new knowledge that I wasn’t familiar with in
the field of Artificial Intelligence or computer programming.
Over the two weeks’ experiences, I was able to learn the basics of coding and discuss the
different ways that Artificial Intelligence could be utilized in real life. Although at first, I
experienced hardships during the lesson as I did not have any knowledge in the field of
computer programming. I was able to familiarize myself with python programming and
comprehend different ways of coding such as K-Nearest Neighbors and Decision Tree. The
videos shown during the lesson really helped with comprehending concepts that I couldn’t
grasp well at first. Moreover, I really appreciated the help that the student teachers provided
for students like me who needed individual assistance while working on assignments. Overall,
the ARIP-AI (I) program provided me with an incredible experience that would benefit me in my
future career”.
C. K. (NC) / ARIP-AI (I) Program
“The two weeks of ARIP-AI(I) was incredibly informative and laid the foundation for ARIP-AI(II). I
was exposed to numerous conditions of AI and the application of AI to the real world. Although
I was nervous I would not be able to comprehend the material online to the best of my
knowledge, the instructors were incredibly interactive and understanding. This experience
allowed me, as a student, to have a deeper understanding of Computer science and AI in terms
of the medical field.
This starter course exposed me to material I did not know and allowed me to grasp a thorough
understanding and interest in the course.
The two weeks program of ARIP - AI (II) gave a fundamental recap in a more thorough way of
the knowledge covered in ARIP-AI(I). The instructors were incredibly understanding of technical
difficulties and gave me many opportunities to illustrate what I had learned. The instructors
were understanding towards our lack of knowledge in certain subjects and took the time to
closely analyze the struggles we had and re-taught it in a way for all students to understand.
Although I learned a lot about AI, the applications of AI, and how functions of AI are entwined
in a web of knowledge, I also learned about college applications and was given advice on the
application process.”.
B. C. (FL) / ARIP-AI (I) Program and ARIP-AI (II) Program


“ARIP-AI (I), was a great experience overall. Not only did it get me interested in AI Technology,
but the program gave me hands on experience as well. I firmly believe machine learning will
drastically change the world in every industry in the next 10 years, and this program helped me
understand how AI will change the world...”
ARIP-AI (II) was a great experience. Everything was very professional and collaborative. We
were assigned groups in which we discussed our projects and how machine learning worked.
Overall, I believe ARIP-AI (II) was an unforgettable experience”.
S. L. (GA) / ARIP-AI (I) Program and ARIP-AI (II) Program

In my opinion, ARIP-Al(I) was both exciting and fun simultaneously as we had an opportunity to discover new and interesting career paths like product design and business management. I feel like the instructors and learning environment made this program very enjoyable and interactive as we had a chance to design a product and also start a small business around this product. The stories and personal experience the instructors taught us was what really made this program stand out from the others, as many of the instructors are all pretty successful in what they do and manage to inspire us with their own personal experiences and successes. Overall, this program has brought a very positive impact on my decision-making process regarding what I want to do in the future and I am very grateful that I had an opportunity to participate in this program.
The ARIP-Al(ll) program has opened up my mind to many new paths in Al to me. I've always thought Al was interesting but never got a chance to interact with it or learn more about it. I am grateful to be able to participate in the ARIP-Al(ll) program because I got a chance to learn more about Al. Both the instructor and student participants made this program very enjoyable and also made Al as a whole seem more interesting to me. I also liked how we got to learn the basics of Al and make a google slides presentation talking about the basics of Al. Overall, I am very grateful that I got a chance to participate in this program because it has opened my mind to many more new career possibilities.
A.K. (MD) ARIP-AI (I)&(II) Program

I thought that the overall experience was good. ARIP-AI(I) taught me important steps for business planning and product design. I also enjoyed talking and forming groups with people who shared similar interests in order to create a pitch. I enjoyed learning about Python and how to analyze imported data.
C.S. (CA) ARIP-AI(I) Program

ARIP-AI(I) has definitely opened my eyes to business marketing. By having the opportunity to take a deeper dive into design thinking and entrepreneurship, it has positively impacted my way of thinking and goals. I truly enjoyed this program because of the mentors that were provided who were able to answer all the questions I had and helped me come out of the program with a better understanding of the business world and what it has to offer. 
With the small group we had in ARIP-AI(II), I was able to further dive into the world of AI and coding. The lessons that were given by my mentor were really interactive and so I was able to grasp a better understanding of Python. Furthermore, this program has taught me the importance of AI and how it is used in the real world today. By taking this program, I can safely say that AI will be a big part in my future.
J. S. (CA) ARIP-AI (I) Program and ARIP-AI (II) Program

Before I took ARIP-Al(I), I had barely any prior knowledge about coding or Artificial Intelligence, but it was still fairly easy and good paced for me to follow the program. llt was also interesting not only to learn lhow to program functions but to learn where the function of the Al we are working on that day is used all around us in our daily liives.
ARIP-Al(ll) was a lot more different from ARIP-Al(I) than I expected, with more people, a lot of breakout groups, and different projects. Not only did we work on designing our projects, we got to know di1fferent people wiithin our group and find connections. It was allso very inspiring when the instructors told us about their passions and what they do right now. We also learned how to design a websiite or an app, and the process was cool and fun.
S. N. (VA) ARIP-AI (I) Program and ARIP-AI (II) Program

Over the course of two weeks (ARIP-AI(I), I learned more about taking initiative and starting a business than I had ever before. I also had the opportunity to meet new peers who shared similar interests as me, making sessions very exciting. Through these shared passions, my team and I were able to develop plans for an app that connects Cancer patients and families across the world through a digital safe space for all members of the Cancer community. This project has made a significant impact on my summer and will continue to do so as my team works towards making this app a reality. The instructors were also very helpful and supportive throughout the process, making the program a very successful experience.
Upon joining this program, I had little to no python coding experience. By the end of the first week, I already felt much more comfortable with typing out lines of code with minimal instructor guidance. Each lesson applied real world situations and was informative of other topics as well. For example, during a lesson on scatter plots, we were also taught about the differences between a benign and malignant tumor, which may come in handy to know in the future. Mr. Dovran, the instructor, did very well in explaining the purpose of each line of code. Overall, my experiences with the
ARIP-Al(ll) program was very positive.
J. K. (MD) ARIP-AI (I) Program and ARIP-AI (II) Program

ARIP-AI(I) was an amazing experience that developed my creativity and really made me think more about the consumer side of products. I really loved this experience since they taught me how to use my skills as a scientist and make it into a business. Thank you for the great opportunity!
E. K. (NY) ARIP-AI (I) Program

This program really helped me experience a new type of skill. The constant need and desire to collaborate with my team greatly reflected real life situations and it has helped me in becoming a better team player. The design and thinking process were really eye opening as well. I was able to learn basic steps of building an idea from scratch and hearing and applying ideas from my teammates were a great rewarding experience. Being able to see everyone’s thought process was truly inspiring. I greatly enjoyed this program and I would love to join again.
K. K. (FL) ARIP-AI (I) Program
The ARIP-AI(II) was phenomenal at teaching me many skills I can use in school today as I am currently enrolled in Computer Science. Throughout the program the instructor was very helpful in any questions that we had or any time we got stuck during the program. This was a great opportunity to expand my knowledge, test my skills, and learn from someone with pristine knowledge on the program. I would sometimes run into a problem with my code, and I felt comfortable asking for the help that I needed; the teacher was very understanding and guided me thoroughly through the problems. Overall, I had an amazing experience interacting with the code and the class throughout my time during the program.
T. Y. (TN) ARIP-AI (II) Program
The ARIP-AI(I) program is an amazing program that specifically taught and prompted me to experience the process of creating an app while taking inputs from their users. I learned how to design platforms that fit the user’s agenda, and the best method in finding the right audience. The process of creating the prototypes was filled with fun and exciting experiences. Instructors are extremely helpful, since they already had professional experiences in the field, they know the best techniques for the students to learn, and they have the finest tips and tricks for us to master. The students or group mates you get to work with are hardworking, determined, and they have just as high ambitions like you! The ARIP-AI(I) program was amazing when I was trying to find like-minded people. I got multi motivated, became inspired on my future plans job wise, that includes helping others and changing the world with social influence. During the program, I fully experienced the cross over from being a normal individual to someone who has really big dreams to achieve, this internship has really supported and guided me closer to my dream!

S. L. (VA) ARIP-AI (I) Program 

With my past experiences in coding, ARIP-AI(II) was an amazing addition and experience to my knowledge in computer science. I loved our instructor who helped us with any confusing code without hesitation. Using code to program on AI is something I have never done before but is now something I am interested for the future.
J. K. (CA) ARIP-AI (II) Program
I have participated in the August ARIP-AI(I) program this summer and it was a great use of my time as it has exposed me to a variety of set skills in terms of the business perspective. Furthermore, I was also exposed to new terminology and critical thinking skills that definitely guided me towards a clearer glimpse of a possible career path I’m interested in. I am grateful for the new opportunities this program has provided for me in addition to solidifying important life skills such as communication and collaborative work with my other peers along the way.
G. L. (CA) ARIP-AI (I) Program
I thought this program was fun and engaging. It gave me a glimpse of the entrepreneur world and a clearer vision on what I would like to study in the future. I thought the instructors were also great. I enjoyed being able to express my passions while using my creative skills.
J. Y. (MD) ARIP-AI (I) Program