AGM Institute, LLC

Started in 2005, AGM Institute has been helping many families across the United States save thousands of dollars in arising college cost of attendances every year. AGM has developed an innovative client management system(CMS) to improve the accuracy of College Financial Aid Services for college. AGM Institute has a network of thousands of college aid resources and accumulated database to help clients understand the college financial aid system and maximize its value and eligibility. By utilizing a comprehensive College Financial Aid Estimator allowing the student to compare college financial aid award averages up to ten(10) schools at the same time, AGM Institute delivers comprehensive comparison and better understanding of college financial aid packages to select the applying schools. As a result of our ongoing services and efforts, our members have been enjoying optimal financial aid award packages from each school along with a stress free handling of the college financial aid process.

AGRP Program Overview

AGRP-AI (Advanced Global Research Program-Artificial Intelligence) Through AGRP-AI Artificial Intelligence program, students learn the fundamentals of AI and Machine Learning from mentors from Harvard introducing topics like neural networks, exploratory data analysis, ethics in AI, and more. Students build a project in the area of their interest and work on real-world projects under the guidance of mentors from top universities. Through AGRP-AI programs, students interact with world-class PhD experts and practitioners building socially impactful AI projects.

AGRP (Advanced Global Research Program)

AGRP is a community of researchers dedicated to empowering students to explore academic passions, developing new research skills to reach their full intellectual potential. Students connect with PhD experts in the area of student’s field of passion from STEM subjects, Social Sciences, Humanities, Arts, and more creating final research products. Learning how to perform research, however, has many other benefits. Students explore an area of research in a way they may have never done before by honing their critical thinking, time management, and writing skills. AGRP students will connect with inspiring mentors and ambitious fellow peers being part of an ever-growing research community.