College Financial Aid

College Financial Aid

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What is AGRP?

AGRP (Advanced Global Research Program) is a research program for academically ambitious students. Students work one-on-one with a research mentor from a top university to produce an independent research project. Students work with their mentor to develop and write a research paper that involves original data analysis and then go through the process of submitting their work to a high-level or international academic journal, magazine, competition or conference. Students demonstrate advanced work in their field of interest, stand out in the admissions process, and build critical thinking and problem-solving skills.

What is AGM IVY Tutoring?

Prepare for the digital SAT and more with AGM IVY Tutoring Program. AGM IVY Tutoring Program provides a unique learning experience throughout the academic year for all academic needs to become college-ready and build academic success. It is important to earn high SAT or ACT scores. Submitting SAT scores have an advantage as it will boost your college application and help earn college scholarships. SAT is different in nature from other tests taken from school. This is why it is important to start early and prepare for the standardized test thoroughly.

What is College Financial Aid?

To calculate the college financial aid amount for each school, it is important to calculate Expected Family Contribution (EFC) amount that is calculated by the income and assets of both student and parents for the previous year, and the difference between a college's yearly cost of attendance (COA) and EFC is the financial need amount which is the maximum possible targeted financial aid amount to be calculated according to each college's financial aid grid. Each college may apply their financial aid formula based on the different EFC calculated methods: by Federal Methodology (FM) or by Institutional Methodology (IM). Then, each college applies their own financial aid percentage to the financial need amounts. And, the college's financial aid award amounts are consisted of various gifted aids such as grants and/or scholarships from federal, state or school sources, etc. with self-help portions such as various student loans, work-study program, parent loans, etc.

Does Private College costless than Public College?

Almost of all public schools in general are awarding the financial aid in the range between 40% ~ 85% of the financial need amount whereas private school's financial aid amounts are awarded for almost 100% of the student's financial need amount. Therefore, there will be a great chance to send children to the private school with less costs than that of the public schools if they planned in advance.

When do we start financial aid process?

Since the college financial aid award is not based on any saving type methods, it is very important to understand and to measure how much the student family's financial need will be by referring to each college's financial aid need based formula when your child becomes a freshman at high school. The early evaluation for the family's expected financial aid eligibility for the admission process since tax filing is required once a year and the college financial aid calculation is according to the formulas related to the family's income and assets. How to find the right colleges for the student with the abundant financial aid awards in advance could be a key to success to college admissions because there are many students finally giving up registration for college due to the lack of the financial aid awards by selecting the wrong colleges during the application process. There are even more than 130 colleges available for international students such as visa status of E, J, F, etc. for financial aid.

Does the college financial aid influence to college admission?

Never! The admission process for all colleges in US should apply the need blind policy only during the admission process because of the most important financial aid resources are from the federal sources including grants, work-study program, various student loans, parent loans, etc. But, the international student financial aid awarding schools may apply need blind policy or need aware policy during the admission process, so that it is recommended for the student to select these schools carefully prior to applying to college.

Why is it important to revies each financial aid award?

The college financial aid awards are calculated by the percent need met of the financial need amount each year, and such a financial aid percentage for the gifted aid such as grants/scholarships may have changed from the school's financial aid award average. It is important to identify the fact whether or not each year's financial aid awards foe these ranges of the family's affordability before they accept the given awards. If you find the awarded amounts are under-awarded or mis-awards by comparing to the school's average, you should start the appeal process to the financial aid office in writing as soon as possible. It is strongly recommended to review your financial aid details since there have been many cases of over a few thousand dollar difference from the school's average could happen each year.

DACA (Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals)'s financial aid?

"May UC colleges cost only about $5,000 through Fin. Aid?" "Can DACA receive almost full supports from CSU?" California State has a good financial aid programs for DACA (Defferred Action for Childhood Arrivals) status students through college financial aid applications such as AB540, AB130 and AB131 programs.

What is Taxonomy for College Admissions?

Every college application selection process in the United States is determined by point system and the point system methodology is called Taxonomy. For example, if there are 80,000 students applying for a certain college, but the college has a maximum number of the application reviewing capacity that year of 30,000 applicants, which means the ramaining 50,000 applicants may not even get a chance to be reviewed for the admission process. Why and how does this happen? The keys to success for your child's college admissions are to understand Taxonomy system in the early stage when your child becomes a high school students. It is strongly recommended to understand how the student's wishing school weighs more points in ahat areas of the student's profit addressed to each school's admission factors as well as its Taxonomy points. I have attached some of the real Taxonomy point tables how college application's contents are to be converted to the points for the college admissions. Each college may apply variable weight factors for the came category on the application according to the importance of a certain admission factor by more or less points during the college applocation selection process.


Relationship between College Admission Process and Financial Aid

One of the keys to succeed in college admission is to start preparing for the selection of the colleges as early as possible. There are many students eventually who give up registering for the most wanted admitted college due to the lack of the financial aid. Understanding of selecting better financial aid warding schools for the college preparation by comparing each school's financial aid levels on average. Once the student selects the most financially aid awarding schools, then the next step is to research each selected school's admission factors by similar categories, so that you will be able to identify which admission factors to be countable for more Taxonomy points where the school evaluates the applicant differently with the same information on the college application. Even the application essay topic for each school should be carefully selected by the comparison of these admission factors shown below for the college admissions. Knowing when to start the strategic process is not as important as carrying the knowledge into action. These key will gratly influence acceptance rate into the college of choice.

Ways to improve the college admission rate - AGRP-AI(I) & (II) Advanced Global Research Program(I) & (II)

AGRP-AI is one of the ways to improve Taxonomy Points for the college admissions, to enhance the eligibility for more gifted aids such as grants/scholarships, and to encourage the students with advanced experiences in college environments for the college admission preparation. We have developed this global AGRP-AI with research topics of Finance, Healthcare, Political Science, Sports, etc., with expert AI PhD mentors from Harvard MIT, and more.

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AGRP-AI is research program led by distinguished expert Harvard PhD mentors and participating students will have an opportunity to develop their career path in various research fields. We help you think about how to use your project for college applications through workshops & seminars and get understanding in how you can use this experience for college applications. Apply in advance and don't miss out on this exciting program!