We are excited to introduce you to a strong and rigorous AGRP programs for selected domestic and international students who want to accelerate their academic career paths. Our unique program connects you with expert PhD mentors using the latest technology and innovation in scientific research.

Our AGRP intensive research programs inspire students to promote intellectual growth through research collaboration with expert PhD mentors from leading universities. As an AGRP student, you will become part of a distinguished network of other young scholars aspiring to become the next generation of professors, researchers, and leaders.

AGRP is the gateway to resources and mentoring that remain available to you upon your completion of the program. This comprehensive and unique program will stimulate your research interest and help you explore your field of interest in research. Our project is an exceptional opportunity to gain a unique perspective on advanced university-level research.

On behalf of our AGRP Advanced Global Research Program staff, I invite you to a rewarding experience and look forward to meeting you soon.


AGRP Team at AGM Institute