“Success is acquired by eagerly engaging inendless
challenges and not just by planning.”

AGM Group has been established since 2004 and our name AGM Institute upon change reflecting diversified and expanded main service areas are building student leadership and research skills by offering various internship and research as well as college financial aid consulting. The company holds numerous proven remarkable achievements by providing effective solutions for the advanced college financial aid planning in the need-based college financial aid areas. AGM also became a major leader in various individual worldwide research with artificial intelligence building a socially impactful research projects and with 800+ Ivy PhD mentors offering students an opportunity for research publications. Our company’s philosophy is that we believe our endless on-going efforts with associated professionals in the nation would result in each student’s customized academic career development as well as their future career paths. Our entrepreneurship comes from the founder’s endless passion of innovative ideas and from his corporate philosophy treating the importance of on- going R&D areas. The founder is a well-known columnist among the major newspapers published in US and his entire weekly articles of more than 1,500+ has been posted over 12 major cities nationwide. The corporate and individual college financial aid areas are professionally handled by the advanced college planner in over 24 states in US for the entire corporate history. As our founder has once said, “Success is truly acquired by eagerly engaging in endless challenges and not just by planning.”