AGRP Program Overview

The AGRP (Advanced Global Research Program) inspires high school and undergraduate students with a passion of academic and career path in science to promote intellectual growth through practical science, technology, and research experience. Students develop critical thinking skills, integrate concepts across the sciences through active learning and use the latest technology to answer critical scientific questions.  

AGRP is a community of researchers dedicated to empowering students to explore their academic passions, develop new skills and reach their full intellectual potential. Through AGRP research program, students can connect with expert Harvard PhD mentor in student’s field of interest from STEM subjects through the Humanities and beyond to create final products that can be showcased on college applications. AGRP encourages students with a strong academic curiosity to create novel research.

AGRP(III) Advanced Research provides an opportunity for students to work one-on-one with their mentor to develop and write a research paper that involves original analysis, and then go through the process of submitting student’s work to a high-level international academic journal, magazine, competition, or conference.

► Under the guidance of Harvard PhD mentor, students learn how to research.
► Student can develop an independent research paper that can be published in a prestigious journal or competition and use for university admissions.
► Students can hone critical thinking, time management, and writing skills.
► AGRP program connects students with inspiring mentors and like-minded academic students.
► Become a part of an ever-growing research community. AGRP-AI(I) & AGRP-AI(II) Artificial Intelligence Programs build a project in the area of their interest and work on real-world projects under the guidance of mentors from ivy league universities. Learn the fundamentals of AI-Artificial Intelligence and ML-Machine Learning with mentor form Harvard.  
► Learn the AI fundamentals and explore a variety of AI application.
► AGRP-AI(II) Program creates a 1:1 personalized independent AI project under the mentorship and guidance of an AI expert.
► Dig deep into field of interest areas.
► Achieve AI mastery and build a socially impactful project. 
► Independent AI project at a college level conducted entirely online.
► AGRP-AI(I) Group classes with 5:1 student to mentor ratio.
► AGRP(III) Alumni have been published in top high school and college-level journals and excelled at competitions.