Ways to improve the college admission rate – AGRP-AI(I) & (II) Advanced Global Research Program(I) & (II)

June 27, 2023

AGRP-AI is one of the ways to improve Taxonomy Points for the college admissions, to enhance the eligibility for more gifted aids such as grants/scholarships, and to encourage the students with advanced experiences in college environments for the college admission preparation. We have developed this global AGRP-AI with research topics of Finance, Healthcare, Political Science, Sports, etc., with expert AI PhD mentors from Harvard MIT, and more.

Diverse top students from all over the world are applying for our program each year, with great results.

AGRP-AI program details are found at https://new3.agminstitute.org/ and participants each year also receive many benefits as follows:

  • AGRP-AI Certificate for the program completion
  • Opportunity to build socially impactful AI project.
  • AGRP-AI Leadership Award and/or AGRP-AI Research Award to qualifying participant
  • Interact directly with AGRP-AI mentor
  • Learn how to perform research
  • Conduct cutting edge research
  • Gain insights into US university college application
  • Available for International Students

AGRP-AI is research program led by distinguished expert Harvard PhD mentors and participating students will have an opportunity to develop their career path in various research fields.

We help you think about how to use your project for college applications through workshops & seminars and get understanding in how you can use this experience for college applications. Apply in advance and don’t miss out on this exciting program!