What is Taxonomy for College Admissions?

June 27, 2023

Every college application selection process in the United States is determined by point system and the point system methodology is called Taxonomy. For example, if there are 80,000 students applying for a certain college, but the college has a maximum number of the application reviewing capacity that year of 30,000 applicants, which means the ramaining 50,000 applicants may not even get a chance to be reviewed for the admission process. Why and how does this happen? The keys to success for your child’s college admissions are to understand Taxonomy system in the early stage when your child becomes a high school students. It is strongly recommended to understand how the student’s wishing school weighs more points in ahat areas of the student’s profit addressed to each school’s admission factors as well as its Taxonomy points. I have attached some of the real Taxonomy point tables how college application’s contents are to be converted to the points for the college admissions. Each college may apply variable weight factors for the came category on the application according to the importance of a certain admission factor by more or less points during the college applocation selection process.