When do we start financial aid process?

June 27, 2023

Since the college financial aid award is not based on any saving type methods, it is very important to understand and to measure how much the student family’s financial need will be by referring to each college’s financial aid need based formula when your child becomes a freshman at high school. The early evaluation for the family’s expected financial aid eligibility for the admission process since tax filing is required once a year and the college financial aid calculation is according to the formulas related to the family’s income and assets. How to find the right colleges for the student with the abundant financial aid awards in advance could be a key to success to college admissions because there are many students finally giving up registration for college due to the lack of the financial aid awards by selecting the wrong colleges during the application process. There are even more than 130 colleges available for international students such as visa status of E, J, F, etc. for financial aid.