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J. M. (MD) / ARIP-AI (II) Program

“The ARIP-AI (II) Program opened my eyes to a whole new way of seeing the world. Before this program, I was never really aware of how socially impactful Artificial Intelligence is and how present it is in our daily lives. Now, I am able to see the full extent of AI and how it continues to change society every day. Being a part of this program also gave me firsthand knowledge and experience in projects that are actually used in the real world. My project, Planet Hunters, enabled me to learn the process and AI application behind detecting (potentially habitable) planets, something that greatly impacts science exploration and society in general. ARIP-AI gave me knowledge and experience in fields that I could make a considerable change in lives”.

L. K. (CA) / ARIP-AI (I) Program and ARIP-AI (II) Program

“Overall I had a very positive experience coming into the ARIP-AI (I) Program, I basically had no knowledge concerning AI, and I was nervous that I would fall d=behind the other students. However, that wasn’t the case. The instructors were super attentive and made sure to follow a comfortable pace that fit everyone. I learned a lot not only about coding but also about societal issues and ethical issues regarding AI, and I thought that was super interesting. I also learned a variety of new concepts such as nearest neighbors and decision trees, which I know I will definitely use for the future. I feel that I have learned a lot from the two weeks of the first session.
I also had a very positive experience with the second session. The structure was a bit different, but it was also manageable. The instructors were always very attentive and tried their best to engage and involve everyone. I really enjoyed getting to work on a project for this part of the session because not only did I get to apply everything I learned before, but i got to focus on a field that I really care about and am interested in (medical field). I was also able to get plenty of college advice from students from some of the top schools in the nation, which I found to be really helpful. ”.

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